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About YAN Bhutan​

The Youth Advocacy Network Bhutan is informal, organized youth-led network made and run by the youth volunteers of Bhutan, aimed at creating a forum for dialogue, discussion, and cooperation to advocate for the meaningful partnership in all policies and programs related to young people at all levels. We work on imparting advocacy skills, replicate ideas, raise awareness amongst the youth and multi stake holders in civic education, peace and intercultural/interfaith harmony.

By the Youth For the Youth

Only as a youth does a youth know about other youth. The YAN family believes in making customized programs suited best for the youths today to make a better society for tomorrow. With the growing social and physical tension despite an advantage over the growth of the generation, it is on us to create a just and literate community leaving none behind.

Areas of Service​

Child Protection Program​

A program is meant especially for children in schools. The students get engaged in developing action plans against issues such as peer bullyings and physical violence. The students also get involved in tackling with issues and reporting. The one week program is a a complete framwork build for comprehensive learning.

Youth Advocacy Programs​

Youth Advocacy Programs are comprehensively designed for the emerging youth, who come with the crave to change or better shape the community. The programs are designed based on SDG goals and the participants are prepared to design a long term framwork to carry out the action plan.

Media & Literacy Workshops​

It isn’t always about whether a person is literate or not. Medial Literacy imparts knowlede on online rights, awareness, the way one could become a victim of cyber threats and safety measure to be on the safer side. The participants come with a plan to further advocate the general public on all the issues that exist in various forms.

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