About Us

The Youth Advocacy Network Bhutan is informal, organized youth-led network made and run by the youth volunteers of Bhutan, aimed at creating a forum for dialogue, discussion, and cooperation to advocate for the meaningful partnership in all policies and program related to young people at all levels. We work on imparting advocacy skills, replicate ideas, raise awareness amongst the youth and multi stakeholders on civic education, peace and intercultural/interfaith harmony.

YAN Bhutan was first started as small community known as Young Writers Society with 14 registered volunteers in 2015. The past activities were carried out in the area of violence against children supported by several national and international organization such as UNICEF, GNRC, UNAOC, BCMD and DYS.

Bhutan has a very young population: more than half of the population is below the age of 25 years.

Globalization, urbanization and new modes of mass and interpersonal communication have rapidly changed the way young people interact with each other in society. With limited exposure, inadequate resources and decision-making skills, young people are not only exposed to unfamiliar risks and challenges but also remains apathetic and indifferent in social and decision-making processes. Therefore, YAN Bhutan is for the youth and by the youth to create opportunities and platform for all multi-stakeholders to work with the young People of Bhutan to increase level of understanding and participation thus, resulting in positive impact on the country’s socio-economic development.

Informed and empowered youth.

Responsible and informed youth for an empowered, included and equal society.

  • Creating platform and opportunities for meaningful engagement of adolescent and children.
  • Preparing vibrant youth for future leadership.
  • Increase the spirit of volunteerism, decision making and life skill development of youth.
  • Career and employment exploration for youth through social entrepreneurship.

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